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Distance from Mercedes ltuzaingó Posadas Corrientes Virasoro Santo ToméLa CruzCataratas del lguazúSaltos del Moconá

  • From Mercedes (Route 40) – 120 km

  • From ltuzaingó (Routes 12-41-40) – 166 km

  • From Posadas (Routes 12-41-40) – 203 km

  • From Posadas (Routes 105-14-40) – 280 km

  • From Corrientes by the south (Routes 12-123-40) – 360 km

  • From Corrientes by the North (Routes 12-41-40) – 393 km

  • From Virasoro (Routes 14-40) – 160 km

  • From Santo Tomé (Routes 14-40) – 150 km

  • From La Cruz (Routes 114-40) – 144 km

  • From Cataratas del lguazú (Routes 40-14-115 y 12) – 560 km

  • From Saltos del Moconá (Routes 40-14-9 y 2) – 470 km

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Buenos Aires to Col. Pellegrini
  • From National Route 12: Access by Provincial Route 41 and 40 from the north.

  • From National Route 14: Accessed by the town of La Cruz, Provincial Route 114.

  • From Mercedes to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini there are 120 km. Of these, 80 km are paved and 40 km are gravel.

  • You should bear in mind that there are no service stations in this section and in Colonia Pellegrini. You can buy fuels that are sold in some shops in the neighborhood. We recommend that you enter with a full tank.

    Closest stations.

    • SHELL: España & Mitre – Ph: 420089 (Mercedes)
    • YPF: J. Pujol & José María Gómez (Mercedes)
    • ESSO: J. Pujol & José María Gómez (Mercedes)
    • YPF: Lavalle & José María Gómez (Mercedes)

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Transport companies
  • There is no terminal station in Carlos Pellegrini, since long distance services do not arrive. The closest Terminal is in the city of Mercedes:

    From Retiro several companies connect with Mercedes (Corrientes) from 9:00 p.m. Among them Flechabus, Águila Dorada, Nuevo Expreso San José and others.

    From Rosario, the company that connects with Mercedes (Corrientes) is Nuevo Expreso San José.


    Regular Minibus services depart from the Mercedes terminal to Carlos Pellegrini at 12 noon. Monday to Saturday and they return from Carlos Pellegrini daily at 4am. in the morning. Iberá Bus: 03773 15407692/1546 2836


    When you arrive at the Mercedes station you will find remises

By PlaneAirplaneHelicopter

    The closest commercial air access is the city of Posadas, Misiones, 200 km away. From there you can hire a Colonia Carlos Pellegrini transfer. The next airport by proximity is the one in the city of Corrientes, 370 km away.

    The closest air access is the Iberá Airport in Mercedes, Corrientes. This aerodrome does not have commercial air service.